Levi Karter

Meet the handsome new dreamboat at CockyBoys, Levi Karter! He was instantly likeable when we met him in person -- one of those guys you just want to know more and more about. First off, Levi is from Paraguay but moved to small-town Ohio when he was very young. He still has a lot of pride for his home country, though, which you can tell by the big tattoo on his back. Levi's known he's wanted to be an adult model for a long time, and started out as a gogo boy shortly after he turned eighteen. He's also very athletic thanks to working out at the gym all throughout high school -- he even did some back flips for us when we met him. Sexually, Levi's versatile and had his first boyfriend when he was a freshman in high school. He may be young, but with a good head on his shoulders and lots of experience, we're very excited to see where his career takes him!

Scenes Featuring Levi Karter:

Gabriel Clark Fucks Levi Karter!

In every boy's life there comes a time when the boy becomes a man. For Levi Karter, that time was when he met Gabriel Clark. Levi's not shy about showing his attraction to Gabriel even though they had just met. When you have two such passionate men as Gabriel and Levi in the same room it's pretty much expected that they're going to just get straight to it. And they do. Gabriel's attention is all on Levi's bubble butt and he could hardly wait to get a taste of it. Levi could only think about one thing - and that was Gabriel fucking the living hell out of him. So they start [more...]

Watch Gabriel Clark Fucks Levi Karter!

Answered Prayers: The Bully

Director's Note from Jake Jaxson: Have you ever found yourself yelling at your TV screen (or computer), "Liar? Asshole? Hypocrite?" when you see that political or public figure up at the mics trying to defend the seemingly indefensible? It's that moment when the lie comes out of his or her mouth, and EVERYONE else knows the truth except the poor sad sap on camera. Lest we forget Ted Haggard, the wealthy televangelist caught booty-bumping meth with a male escort. Or Larry Craig, the right-wing senator who plead guilty to cruising in an airport [more...]

Watch Answered Prayers: The Bully

#NoWords: Max Carter & Levi Karter

Max Carter and Levi Karter have been flirting with each other for months. Who can blame them -- Max's ripped 6 pack and Levi's bubble butt are both to die for! So! I decided to put them in a room together and let the sparks fly. Max and Levi are both the shy type at first! They both can say so much with just a look. These two need no words to communicate. It was only seconds after they had walked into the room that they were already all over each other, making out and undressing. After a hot, steamy, soapy bath they both relax before the inevitable. Once Levi's cock got hard, [more...]

Watch #NoWords: Max Carter & Levi Karter

The Release of the ROAD STRIP DVD!

I'm super excited to announce the release of the epic new ROAD STRIP DVD! It's hard to believe that exactly a year ago, we wrapped production on Max & Jake's Road Strip. It really feels like a lifetime ago -- both for me and the boys. Looking back on it now, I can truly say it was a defining moment for all of us involved in the production. As the title "Road Strip" suggests, this journey was "an unveiling." Not just of bare skin and booties, but also of ourselves: stripping away our porn personas to allow a more revealing look of who we are. Along the way, we made memories [more...]

Watch The Release of the ROAD STRIP DVD!

Men, Boys & Toys: Alone Time with Levi Karter

Solo scenes are always unique because it feels like YOU are the guy's partner. And some alone time goes a long way with Levi Karter, because as we all know, he really opens up when the camera is on him. Levi had a bunch of toys on his bed, and he had a hard time choosing which one to try out first. He enjoyed explaining how each of them worked, though, and gave each one equal playtime. There was the penis pump, the vibrator, a dildo, and several cock sleeves -- one of which Levi said felt like a "hurricane." As he worked his cock on each toy, Levi revealed some [more...]

Watch Men, Boys & Toys: Alone Time with Levi Karter

Duncan Black & Levi Karter Flip-Fuck!

Duncan Black & Levi Karter first met at a shoot in Atlanta months ago and they haven't been able to stop flirting and sex-texting each other since then. Levi keeps saying that Duncan is "the exception" and Duncan can't stop talking about how cute he thinks Levi is. Together, they just can't keep their hands off each other. I interviewed both of them about what they think of the other one and it just made them that much hornier. So when I gave them the green light they just went at it as if it's what they had been waiting for all their lives. From the very first kiss I could already [more...]

Watch Duncan Black & Levi Karter Flip-Fuck!

Meeting Jasper

Meeting Jasper Directed & Edited by Levi Karter Produced by Jake Jaxson A Note From Jake Jaxson: Ever wanted to know what it's really like when the Cockyboys first meet, or what they do in their downtime? I get to see most of it first hand. Thankfully I work with an amazing group of well grounded, funny, quirky, wildlings-- they can be flirty, sexy, cuddly, and very, very mischievous. There was a time when I used to ask the guys NOT to hook up before their scenes, so I could capture the full, raw authentic sexual energy. I [more...]

Watch Meeting Jasper

Pierre Fitch Pounds Levi Karter!

Levi Karter has been waiting for his moment with Pierre Fitch since he first started his career. And lucky for him, Pierre is just now getting accustomed to a brand new physique thanks to a healthy diet of fruits and vegetables. In fact, staying fit was one of the first things he and Levi chatted about when they first met on Twitter. And now, they're finally together in person with the best looking bods they've ever had. Just as casually as they were chatting about fitness, Levi started sucking on Pierre's cock without a second thought. That's how comfortable these two were around [more...]

Watch Pierre Fitch Pounds Levi Karter!

Fuck Yeah Levi Karter! Porn Haus Film Fest

Fuck Yeah Levi Karter Produced & Directed by Jake Jaxson and Levi Karter Edited by Cilantro Che Guevara A Note from Jake Jaxson: I fist met Levi via Skype-- Dewayne in SD put him on my radar saying Levi was looking for a studio. What struck me most about Levi was that he knew [more...]

Watch Fuck Yeah Levi Karter! Porn Haus Film Fest

Boys to Adore Galore - Porn Haus Film Fest

Andy Warhol was a Pornographer By Jake Jaxson I love Andy Warhol. In fact, I'm a disciple of what has become known as his Business Art Philosophy. "Being good in business is the most fascinating kind of art. Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art." -- Andy Warhol My [more...]

Watch Boys to Adore Galore - Porn Haus Film Fest

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