Colby Keller

Colby Keller has been around the industry for a while and seems to only get more handsome with age. He's got auburn hair, a scruffy beard, and a smile that will make your heart melt. When you're around Colby, you feel very safe and comfortable, like he's always there to save the day with his good looks and charismatic personality. You might call him a lovable "teddy bear," but don't think there's not a dark side to him lurking beneath the surface. Colby loves to top unsuspecting bottom boys with his big cock and is very much in control of any sexual situation he's in. If you think you can take Colby's cock, prepare yourself to be moaning all night!

Scenes Featuring Colby Keller:


Kiss•Hug•Fuck•Love A new film series by award-winning director Jake Jaxson. Conceived as a follow-up to the highly acclaimed series A THING OF BEAUTY, this new series is designed to explore and intertwine both the sexual and creative energy of both the filmmakers and performers. Meet Justin: A true southern boy with a big heart, a beaming smile, and a strong passion for music. He lives his life the same way he plays his guitar--on the fly. Along with Colby Keller and Duncan Black, Justin's version of the perfect day [more...]

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Colby Keller Hammers Levi Michaels

Colby Keller said right up front that the first thing he noticed about Levi Michaels was his butt. He loved everything about it -- the shape, the way it jiggled, and how everything he wanted to do to Levi involved it. On the other hand, Levi loves a man of passion. And he said he could immediately feel the sparks flying when he first kissed Colby. First impressions definitely went a long way this time around, because Colby and Levi just clicked together. The way they kissed, held each other, and laughed together was reminiscent of a couple who'd known each other for years, and [more...]

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Men, Boys & Toys: Colby Keller & Max Ryder!

Max Ryder was hearing all sorts of stories about Colby Keller from the other CockyBoys, so he was understandably nervous meeting him for the first time. Colby has one of the biggest cocks in the business after all, and he was eager to use it on Max's perky little ass to give HIM a couple stories to tell! Lucky for Max, we hooked up Colby with a vibrating dildo (The Surge!) and a Fleshjack to help them get warmed up. Max really couldn't wait to see Colby's famous cock, though, so he pulled it out and sucked on it as Colby brought out the toys. First up was the Fleshjack, which the [more...]

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Men, Boys & Toys with Colby Keller & Ricky Roman

Colby and Ricky have wanted to get together for a while, and not just because their fans have been dying to see them in action. These two have real chemistry -- Colby is one of the hottest tops in the business and Ricky one of the hottest bottoms. And when two guys know exactly what they want from each other, the sex just gets hotter and hotter. For their first time fucking, the guys wanted to do something a little out of the norm. So Colby whipped out a penis pump for them to play around with (not that either of these guys actually needed it), and things took an interesting turn. [more...]

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Colby Keller & Gabriel Clark Flip-Fuck!

Colby Keller and Gabriel Clark are two guys that need no introduction. After A Thing of Beauty's smashing success there isn't a single gay porn lover out there who doesn't know those two names. The sight of Colby & Gabriel tag teaming and double-stuffing JD Phoenix's tight hole with their giant dicks is a scene that was nothing short of epic! These are two guys that fuck like absolute animals, so how to we divvy up the action between two master tops? A flip-fuck of course! Colby and Gabriel's chemistry is on fire for this scene-- totally into the action and loving every [more...]

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Talk to Me

Director's Note: Talk to Me is the fifth film in our Porn Haus Film Fest, and it features BelAmi superstar Kevin Warhol. I wanted to start by saying thank you to my friends at BelAmi for making this film possible. George Duroy was very gracious in trusting and allowing me to shoot Kevin. While Kevin is no stranger to shooting, it has always been within the tight knit BelAmi family. So this was an adventure for both of us. I was just as [more...]

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A Thing of Beauty: Free To Be Me

Director's Note: A Thing of Beauty: Free To Be Me For the final installment of A Thing of Beauty, I chose a poem that has meaning to me beyond just the written and spoken word. In 1848, at age 29, Walt Whitman visited New Orleans. There he met a man, and the two briefly became lovers. When Walt looked back on his New Orleans dalliance, he penned a poem titled "Once I Pass'd Through A Populous City," and it was branded "obscene" when published. However, even the published poem hid its true meaning. In 1925, the original hand-written [more...]

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A Thing of Beauty: The Gift

Director's Note: When I first introduced A Thing of Beauty, I stated, "It's my hope that these short films are a candle in the dark for anyone who doubts that the love between two men is anything but a thing of beauty." But as the project progressed and took on a life of its own, it connected me with the idea of "life" and the things that make it beautiful. For years, I had compartmentalized many parts of my "life"-- work, family, being gay, sex, and the list goes on. Often, I'd find myself exhausted from just the management and [more...]

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A Thing of Beauty: Part One

Director's Note: Jake Jaxson and R.J. Sebastian here. We have been very open about what A Thing of Beauty means to us -- it is the first of what we hope to be many collaborations with each other. In this series of short films, or what we call "erotic poems," we are deliberately connecting ourselves, our struggles, our love, and our sexual "beings" to our work. In this film, we start with "the daily grind." It has caused more fights, upset, and stress in our 15-year relationship together than anything else. When allowed, the monotony of the everyday has become a slow [more...]

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"A Thing of Beauty" Series Trailer

Director's Note: I'm excited to premiere the preview of our new project "A Thing of Beauty." As many of you know, we sent Gabriel Clark to a remote paradise in the dead of winter. He invited Colby Keller, Dale Cooper, and JD Phoenix -- but there will be plenty of time for me to discuss the details of the project when it's released. For now, I'd like to share a personal note about this project because it is so special to me. This is the first of many creative collaborations with my life partner of 15 years, R. J. Sebastian. Many of you know that we [more...]

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• Be safe. Be smart in all that you do. When in doubt, use the head holding up your ears!
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