Jesse Santana

If Jesse Santana doesn't make your cock hard, you better check to make sure you still got one. I first met him at the Abbey in WeHo. I could see his abs through his shirt and his perfectly curved ass sticking out of his pants. And those piercing eyes! For the first time ever I found myself wanting to take someone into the bathroom stall and fuck him then and there. We talked for a bit and when I found out he'd done porn before I knew he had to be on my site. After some drinks he came back to my pad with my buddy Brodie. I took some test shots of Jesse (telling him it was all done in professional interest of course). After he started taking his clothes off I knew I had to see him get fucked by some hot muscle stud...good thing Brodie was there. After a little coaxing he let me film Brodie fucking him and, well, check out the scene - FUCKING HOT! After that I didn't want anyone else on the web to have Jesse and signed him as a web exclusive. He's a vers wild child so you can expect to see a lot of this stud.

Scenes Featuring Jesse Santana:

Jesse Fucks Andrew

There is nothing like a hungry bottom begging for cock. My boy Andrew Blue has a Jesse Santana fetish. Who doesn’t, right? He practically begged me to get Santana to fuck him. We were all kicking it in Vegas so I called Santana aside to see if he was down. Santana is a hot fuck machine, so of course he said yes. He walked in to Andrew’s bathroom while he was showering, and the rest, well…. The scene starts with the boys sucking each other’s cocks in the shower. Then they take it to the bed. Jesse bends Andrew over, pushes his face in to the headboard, and shoves his massive cock up [more...]

Watch Jesse Fucks Andrew

Jessy and Guy Go at it Again

Guy Parker and Jesse Santana are back ... Jesse wants to show you why he just won Hottest Bottom at the Grabby Awards ... [more...]

Watch Jessy and Guy Go at it Again

BelAmi Fourway

What's Hotter than a Cockyboys/Bel Ami match up? How about a Cockyboys/Bel Ami FOURWAY! Cockyboys Jesse Santana and Bobby Clark are on a leisurely boat ride through the red light district with Bel Ami hotties Manuel Rios and Luke Hamil. When they get back to their hotel room the guys waste no time in getting down to business. Immediately they dive into a fourway frenzy of kissing, groping, and sucking each other off. It's almost hard to keep up with the action there's so many dicks in different mouths. When it's time to get down to the anal action Bobby, Luke, and Manuel all share the duty of [more...]

Watch BelAmi Fourway

Jesse Fucks Skyler

What's the best way to pass time in detention? With some gay ass fucking of course! Jesse and Skyler have been baaaad boys and as punishment they're locked up together alone in detention with nothing to do but each other. After a bit of making out Skyler stands up and leans against the teachers desk - clearly wanting Jesse to blow him. Jesse happily complies and soon has Skyler's entire cock is his mouth. Skyler, being quite a fan of cock himself, drops to his knees so he can show off his oral skills on Jesse's big thick dick. Then Jesse dives into that beautiful bubble butt of Skyler's, [more...]

Watch Jesse Fucks Skyler

Jesse Santana Fucks Todd Rosset

Jesse Santana is back to get it on with some European man meat in the third scene from our upcoming Cockyboys/Bel Ami match up dvd and this time he's ready to top. Jesse and beautiful Bel Ami boy Todd Rosset start off exploring the town but Jesse decides he'd rather fuck so the two head back to Todd's place. Back at Todd's, the two waste no time - the clothes come off and the making out begins. Todd kisses his way down to Jesse's amazing dick and shows him what those European lips of his can do. Jesse, in return, makes his way south to eat out Todd's sweet tight ass - fingering him [more...]

Watch Jesse Santana Fucks Todd Rosset

Jesse Fucks Bobby

This week I've got a special treat for y'all...a fuck from the past! I present to you - Bobby Clark's first time bottoming EVER. We filmed this quite a while ago but somehow lost the tape! Lucky for you, I found it just last week as I was going through a stack of unlabeled video. We all know that Bobby Clark can take it like a champ now but how does Bobby handle taking his first dick ever? Well, in his own words "It hurt like a fucker". He and Jesse Santana start off making out and sucking cock. Then it's time for Jesse to bust that cherry wide open. Bobby starts off by sitting down on Jesse's [more...]

Watch Jesse Fucks Bobby

Seth Fucks Jesse

Seth's still a little new to the whole "hardcore gay ass fucking" thing so I thought I'd get him to dive deeper into the gay side with a real pro - Jesse Santana. We thought it would be kind of hot to do some fucking out in the open so we got a blanket and my camera and went to my back yard to get down ta bid'ness. Jesse starts off by blowing Seth's straight cock and he sucks on that thing like it's the last dick on earth. As straight as Seth is he can't help but grab the back of Jesse's head at one point to skull fuck him for a bit. Then Jesse flips over onto his stomach and Seth, now rock [more...]

Watch Seth Fucks Jesse

Guy Fucks Jesse

Jesse & Guy are back for a repeat scene, and this time Jesse wants to show you why he just won Hottest Bottom at the Grabby Awards. Jesse starts off showing you his amazing oral skills by sucking Guy's thick juicy cock. Guy gets so horned up he needs a mouth full of dick too, so he gets his lips around Jesse's big hard cock and cum filled nuts. Guy puts Jesse on his back on the kitchen table and stuffs his fat dick up Jesse's eager hole. Watching Guy's big balls bounce off Jesse's perfect ass will have you rock hard in no time! They flip Jesse over and fuck doggy style then Jesse rides Guy's [more...]

Watch Guy Fucks Jesse

Jesse Fucks Wolf

Back by popular demand - Wolf & Jesse. After a hot make out session, Wolf licks Jesse's sweet ass deep and hard. Wolf doesn't spare Jesse's cock from his whirl wind tongue either as he sucks Jesse's dick deep down his throat. Not to be outdone, Jesse pushes Wolf back to have a go at some serious cock swallowing himself. Wolf, who usually fucks his victims without mercy, has to take a turn at getting fucked this time while Jesse shows him who's boss. Wolf begs Jesse to fuck his tight hole as Jesse gives Wolf a seriously hard pounding. But Wolf can take it as hard as he gives it as Jesse slams [more...]

Watch Jesse Fucks Wolf

MJ Fucks Jesse

I was given samples of ID's new flavored lube at a party, and knew my buddies MJ and Jesse would help put them to good use. The fellas start off squirting it on each other for a taste test. Jesse licks a big glob of it up off MJ's meaty dick. MJ returns the favor by covering Jesse's tight asshole and licking it up with his wet, hungry tongue. Jesse turns around and coats his long hard dick with more and let's MJ's mouth do what it does best: sucking a big fat cock! MJ slurps Jesse's huge cock right down to the hilt! Jesse gets hungry for his own taste of lubed up dude dick, so he lets MJ face [more...]

Watch MJ Fucks Jesse

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