Travis Kane

Travis Kane is the kind of guy you always admire from afar but never have the guts to approach. He's TOTALLY straight and TOTALLY intimidating, a real bad boy with nipple rings, tons of muscle, and tattoos all over the place! He heard we were auditioning for CockyBoys and sent me a few pics. As soon as I opened the first file, I knew I had to have him! He has a serious CockyBoy attitude and when he wasn't shooting with us he was out back on the porch smoking. Now, I'm not usually a fan of ciggies, but damn did Travis make cancer look sexy! He's a must-watch if you like badboys.

Scenes Featuring Travis Kane:

Hugo Fucks Travis

Hugo Fuckin' Milano. I tell ya, it doesn't get any hotter. And he's paired up for this scene with that hot inked up stud Travis. The two kick things off making out furiously with their shirts off. It's not long before Hugo rips Travis's pants down and starts licking him all over until he makes his way to his cock and starts blowing him. For a top Hugo really knows how to work a dick! Then Travis gets on his knees and services Hugo's fat cock. Hugo really gets into it and pushes Travis's head all the way down onto his dick until he chokes him with it. Then it's time for the real action to start [more...]

Watch Hugo Fucks Travis

Travis Kane Jerks Off

If you like bad boys then you're gonna dig Travis Kane. Nipple rings, tats, and a nice fat cock - could it get any better? Travis starts off on his couch rubbing his dick through his blue jeans. After it's nice and hard he pulls down his jeans and goes to town on his dick - working the entire shaft up and down. Then he bends over to show off his hot ass for the camera before flipping back over to blow his load all over himself. After he shoots he raises his hand to his mouth to lick up his own cum. Dirrrty and HOT. Check it. [more...]

Watch Travis Kane Jerks Off

The CockyBoys Manifesto by Jake Jaxson

• Be proud!
• You are not a type. You are you.
• "Cocky" does not mean "rude."
• Gay sex is not shameful. It is a blessing like a fine wine, a great meal, or a roller coaster ride. It is part of life and should be enjoyed.
• Be safe. Be smart in all that you do. When in doubt, use the head holding up your ears!
• Negativity only invites and creates more negativity.
• Mutual respect is the path to true power. Power = pride. Pride = loving yourself. Love yourself and you can love another.
• Gay is good.
• CockyBoys are proud, confident men. At times funny, goofy, sometimes crazy, and shy. They have dark days along with good. They like being admired. They do not succumb to cowardice.
• They love and want to be loved.
• I am a CockyBoy!
• Please check your high horse at the door.
• There is nothing wrong with being a "porn star." It may not be your choice. Choice is freedom. So choose.
• When having a bad day... stop. Think of five things you are grateful for….feel better?
• Oscar Wilde said it best -- "Humanity takes itself too seriously. It is the world's original sin. If the caveman had known how to laugh, history would have been different."
Love Always & Be Nice,
Jake Jaxson

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