RC Ryan

RC Ryan is a fucking stud – plain and simple. He’s a professional fighter (no shit) and has a body that would give a eunuch wood. (If you’re askin yourself what a eunuch is you’re too dumb to be on my site – bye, bye.) He is pretty fuckin close to physical perfection and is 50 times hotter in person. I think he was actually discovered by Randy Blue, and has worked the web and DVD circuit sense. What’s shocking about him is that he is genuinely a nice guy, and actually a tad bashful. He’s just this straight boy from the heartland that smashes faces in the ring, pounds ass on screen, and is a bit of puppy when he’s out of the spotlight. I met him when he came out to Cali on a boxing promo tour. To be honest I’m not into redheads – but FUCK you can’t not be into RC. He just looks like a fuck machine. He had to contract those abs while plowin some boy’s ass on my site. So – I hooked it up. Expect a lot from RC in the weeks and months to come. I promise you – you’ll see him do things you’ve never seen before….and I don’t mean in the boxing ring.

Scenes Featuring RC Ryan:

RC Ryan Fucks Tory Mason

Never deny Tory Mason when he wants cock, and he’s been after RC’s cock for a LONG time. Tory had mentioned RC to me before, but I was just too fuckin busy to pay attention. Well – I finally met RC – and you CAN’T ignore him once you meet him. An amazing bod, a great cock, a real life fighter – shit I get a serious hard on just thinking about him. Getting RC on the site was a no brainer. What was a little tougher was figuring out how to shoot it. RC is seriously bashful – and straight. I mean at my loft it’s nothing for one of my friends to just whip out his cock and jerk. That [more...]

Watch RC Ryan Fucks Tory Mason

RC Takes a Toy

There is nothing like seeing a muscle stud shove something up his ass for the first time, and get off doing it. You’ve seen RC fuck on CockyBoys, and you may have even seen him on other sites as well. But I finally convinced him he needed to try putting something in that muscle ass. I got him a prostate massager. I have never seen anyone hold back an orgasm from one of those bad boys. And I even let him use it in a locker room to make him feel more ‘masculine’ about the whole thing. Once he got the toy in his hole, he had a raging hard on the entire time! This scene rocks. It starts with [more...]

Watch RC Takes a Toy

Phenix Fucks RC

Now that I've finally convinced that hot stud RC to start bottoming, I cant stop thinking about how hot he looks getting fucked. I had to see him take a dick up his ass again- I knew Phenix would be all about it. I called them up and wasted no time getting them naked and in my bed. After some warm up dick stroking Phenix sucks RC's beautiful cock to get him nice and horned up. RC decides he to return the favor, suckin' Phenix's thick, hard tool. Watching these two hot dudes 69 next is so damn hot, they both look incredible with a nice dick in their mouth. Phenix lays back as RC sits his bubble [more...]

Watch Phenix Fucks RC

RC Fucks Josh

Josh, aka hot bottom Josh, left me a voicemail a couple weeks ago that simply said "I want RC's dick in me". Who am I to refuse such a request? I called RC up and he was game and before you know it Josh and RC were over by the pool in front of my camera gettin' naked. They start with some chit chat but it isn't long before Josh is drooling over RC's hot dick...literally. RC kicks back in a patio chair while Josh gives him the blow job of his life. Josh stands up and feeds his dick to RC (even bottoms need some attention paid to their cocks once in a while) but it isn't long before Josh decides [more...]

Watch RC Fucks Josh

RC Fucks Jason

RC has been a sport about bottoming for his last couple of scenes but after the last scene he pulled me aside and said "Dude. That was fine. But you need to get me to ass to fuck next time and I mean grade-A 'pound me til I can't walk' kind of ass." Naturally Jason Pitt came to mind. The two start off kissing but that lasts for about two seconds once RC pulls his dick out and Jason gets a good look at it. Faster than you can say "cock sucker" Jason is down on his knees inhaling that thing. RC returns the favor and the two move into some hot 69 action. Then RC goes for what he really wants - [more...]

Watch RC Fucks Jason

Bobby Fucks RC

For this Presidents day I thought I would honor our past presidents by matching up two strapping young all American lads and filming them while they fuck. I think this is a new holiday tradition all proud Americans should take up. I'd been wanting to see what would happen if I paired up RC & Bobby for some time now and, let me tell ya, I was NOT disappointed with the results. They begin making out a bit and playing with each other's cocks to get nice and hard. To be honest, I had forgotten how fuckin' huge RC was. After RC is nice and hard Bobby sits on the bed against the headboard so RC can [more...]

Watch Bobby Fucks RC

RC Gets Fucked by Jason Hawke

Finally RC takes the plunge – a cock being driven up his tight hole. RC has topped a lot of boys over the years – including a lot of straight ones getting fucked for the first time. I don’t think he ever understood what they were going through, until now. RC wanted to just do a couple of scenes and still score enough money to hold him over while he focused on training as a fighter. I threw out the idea of bottoming for CockyBoys. At first he was dead set against it. Then for some reason he suddenly changed his mind. I knew RC might have a tough time with it, so I reached out to Jason [more...]

Watch RC Gets Fucked by Jason Hawke

RC Ryan fucks Brodie Sinclair

My boy Brodie finally takes the plunge and takes a cock up his ass. The anticipation of this scene has already caused a flap on some of the blogs – some people like Brodie, some don’t – but no matter what you think about him, you have to be a tad curious to see this gay porn bad boy finally submit. Brodie wanted another masculine straight guy to do the deed, so I enlisted the help of RC Ryan. If you like straight boys finally getting fucked and loving it – this is probably not the scene for you. This scene is more like a straight boy being punished – finally submitting to a taboo – [more...]

Watch RC Ryan fucks Brodie Sinclair

RC Ryan Fucks Kevin

If you're gonna be a real CockyBoy and be in the 'inner circle', you have to agree to fuck and get fucked. They just don't believe in being all top or all bottom. If you're gonna be one of them - you're gonna know what its like to have a cock shoved up your ass. It was Kevin's time. He was so fucking nervous he went on a bit of a bender, and showed up unshaved wearin some dumb ass gold hat. But that wasn't going to save him - so it had to be done. RC Ryan got dibs on popping his cherry, so here it is. Kevin's 'initiation' of sorts. RC pushes he cock inside Kevin's hole, and after just a few [more...]

Watch RC Ryan Fucks Kevin

The CockyBoys Manifesto by Jake Jaxson

• Be proud!
• You are not a type. You are you.
• "Cocky" does not mean "rude."
• Gay sex is not shameful. It is a blessing like a fine wine, a great meal, or a roller coaster ride. It is part of life and should be enjoyed.
• Be safe. Be smart in all that you do. When in doubt, use the head holding up your ears!
• Negativity only invites and creates more negativity.
• Mutual respect is the path to true power. Power = pride. Pride = loving yourself. Love yourself and you can love another.
• Gay is good.
• CockyBoys are proud, confident men. At times funny, goofy, sometimes crazy, and shy. They have dark days along with good. They like being admired. They do not succumb to cowardice.
• They love and want to be loved.
• I am a CockyBoy!
• Please check your high horse at the door.
• There is nothing wrong with being a "porn star." It may not be your choice. Choice is freedom. So choose.
• When having a bad day... stop. Think of five things you are grateful for….feel better?
• Oscar Wilde said it best -- "Humanity takes itself too seriously. It is the world's original sin. If the caveman had known how to laugh, history would have been different."
Love Always & Be Nice,
Jake Jaxson

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