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Phenix Saint Fucks Brodie Sinclair

Phenix Saint and Brodie Sinclair! Just saying the names of those two together in the same sentence makes me want to cum. Seeing Brodie's tight and amazingly bubble butt get penetrated and stretched by Phenix's giant cock is a sight all men on Earth should behold. There's just something about Brodie that no matter how much trouble I put him through I don't think it will ever be enough. If I told you all the things I want to do to that boy they wouldn't even make sense. Yet, I'm sure you know exactly what I mean. You must be crazy not to be thinking the same things. I mean, have you seen how his bubble butt bounces up and down when you slap it? It makes all tops go nuts and all bottoms jealous. It's no wonder Phenix is all over it (and inside it) in a matter of seconds. But do not be fooled, Gentlemen. Brodie knows how to use both of his holes equally good and the amount of spit his mouth produced for this scene is enough to flood the Sahara the same way that you are going to flood your pants with jizz after you see this! Don't say I didn't warn you!

Cast: Brodie Sinclair

What Members Are Saying

That was fucken amazing, love the cocky attitude and the verbal banter. Good close ups on the cocks, mouths and asses and great action. The new COCKYBOYS is better! -oldercs1

Holy shit! This scene is fucking excellent. I love the way they talk to the cameraman and each cocky. NEW COCKY BOYS RULES! -Brian

I love Phenix so ut is always hot to see him paired up with another hot guy. I keep hoping to see some hand over mouth scenes coming up in future updates...would love to see Phenix cover another guy's mouth while he fucks him...and same goes for Brodie! = -Robby

Welcome Back Brodie, can't believe you where gone this long. -griffrag

Thanks for bring Brodie back!! Also I think I am falling in love with Phenix. -JAKE911

Holy fuck Brodie is back....,,more of him getting fucked. brodie awesome ass this scene rocks :-) -kerr

Brodie Sinclair needs to get out of the gay porn business. He looks as uncomfortable today as he did when he first started some years ago. He doesn't suck dick very well, and isn't really a very good bottom. Yes, he's g4p, but so is Phenix Saint and he does a great job doing both. -danny

I will love to see Phenix Saint bottom again -jeremy

Brodie Sinclair should not be allowed to make another video. This is just crap... -Profit

Wish i phoenix, getting to fuck Brodie -Biggiesmalls

the idea was better than the reality,, the interviews kill it for me... sorry but neither of these guys are attractive... it just goes to show that if you have a hot body, who cares about the face.... now if they could get guys w/ hot faces to go w/ the hot bodies,, THEN i'd renew my membership -sexytrucker

Ho hum. -smjeff

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The CockyBoys Manifesto by Jake Jaxson

• Be proud!
• You are not a type. You are you.
• "Cocky" does not mean "rude."
• Gay sex is not shameful. It is a blessing like a fine wine, a great meal, or a roller coaster ride. It is part of life and should be enjoyed.
• Be safe. Be smart in all that you do. When in doubt, use the head holding up your ears!
• Negativity only invites and creates more negativity.
• Mutual respect is the path to true power. Power = pride. Pride = loving yourself. Love yourself and you can love another.
• Gay is good.
• CockyBoys are proud, confident men. At times funny, goofy, sometimes crazy, and shy. They have dark days along with good. They like being admired. They do not succumb to cowardice.
• They love and want to be loved.
• I am a CockyBoy!
• Please check your high horse at the door.
• There is nothing wrong with being a "porn star." It may not be your choice. Choice is freedom. So choose.
• When having a bad day... stop. Think of five things you are grateful for….feel better?
• Oscar Wilde said it best -- "Humanity takes itself too seriously. It is the world's original sin. If the caveman had known how to laugh, history would have been different."
Love Always & Be Nice,
Jake Jaxson

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