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Kevin Crows Strokes It

The other day I looked up 'perfection' in the dictionary and I wasn't surprised at all to see a picture of Kevin Crows come up as one of the top search results. As some of you may have noticed already, the reasons for that are pretty obvious. Then I thought 'Hmmm, I'm not sure if 'perfect' is good enough for Kevin Crows... I think 'God-like' or at least 'out-of-this-world-pure-perfection' would be more like it!' So I sent a letter to a few of the main search engines to have them change the results. I told them that we here at Cockyboys are just not satisfied with 'perfect' and it simply doesn't reflect the true reality of things. I mean, just look at this guy!! That is not a body- that is a temple and it must to be worshiped for hours, days, years, life! I also felt that 'perfect' is not good enough for Kevin because he has that most amiable personality and that innocent look of a good boy that just did something bad and is damn proud of it. And nowadays to see such beauty both inside and out is such rare combination. Therefore, 'perfect' just doesn't cut it in this case. If any of you have a better suggestion for a word - please comment below. Or maybe we can come up with our own 'Cockyboys' word! These days it seems the words we have in the English dictionary just don't do justice to my boys. How about... Kevinlicious?

Cast: Kevin Crows

What Members Are Saying

This guy must be at the gym 24/7! That body is insane. -IJustJoined

Kevin Crows is so incredibly hot!!! And he's a great performer. Aa a gay4pay performer, he often does a better job than the gay guys he's working with. He is perfection! -danny

Ummmm..... WOW! -Ben

Best Cum shot EVER!! -LuvsMeAMan

Kevin is a super stud! -stier51

Fabulously, lusciously schlongtastic! Woweeeee! -Arpie

Kevin,you are HOT and truly amazing. This must be one of the best cumshots ever captured on film. I wish I'd been in the line of fire!!! -cumspiller

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The CockyBoys Manifesto by Jake Jaxson

• Be proud!
• You are not a type. You are you.
• "Cocky" does not mean "rude."
• Gay sex is not shameful. It is a blessing like a fine wine, a great meal, or a roller coaster ride. It is part of life and should be enjoyed.
• Be safe. Be smart in all that you do. When in doubt, use the head holding up your ears!
• Negativity only invites and creates more negativity.
• Mutual respect is the path to true power. Power = pride. Pride = loving yourself. Love yourself and you can love another.
• Gay is good.
• CockyBoys are proud, confident men. At times funny, goofy, sometimes crazy, and shy. They have dark days along with good. They like being admired. They do not succumb to cowardice.
• They love and want to be loved.
• I am a CockyBoy!
• Please check your high horse at the door.
• There is nothing wrong with being a "porn star." It may not be your choice. Choice is freedom. So choose.
• When having a bad day... stop. Think of five things you are grateful for….feel better?
• Oscar Wilde said it best -- "Humanity takes itself too seriously. It is the world's original sin. If the caveman had known how to laugh, history would have been different."
Love Always & Be Nice,
Jake Jaxson

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