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Adrian, Gabriel, & Mason 3-way

WOW. There is really no easy way to describe this scene. I knew that when I put these three in one room there would be chemistry and fireworks but this was like 4th of July all over again!! I mean, a quarter of this scene is just cumshots! These guys just kept spurting out gallons of cum as if they had it in excess. So basically, Gabriel and Mason both got fucked, fingered, licked, and sucked and Adrian was probing them with his big giant Canadian sausage like he was at the meat market shopping for the best meat in town. Mason, living up to the expectation of being a power bottom, was taking on anything that was shoved up his hole. And Gabriel, following Mason's example, somehow ended up taking not only Adrian's dick but Mason's too. It was almost like a TV game - never knowing what was gonna happen next and who's gonna get fucked by whom. At one point I honestly thought that they were never going to stop. Finally, when the big moment came... oh boy! I'll let you just watch this because you'll never believe me even if I told you! Enjoy.

Cast: Adrian Long, Gabriel Clark, Mason Star

What Members Are Saying

The soundtrack to this scene should be used for every 3-way from now on. I just close my eyes and listen and cum. I cannot overstate how perfect this scene is. Best work ever. -Truth Addict

great show i will see it more than once -rayray92345

A++++++++++++++++++ GREAT! -SirfucksAlot

OMG!!! BEST. VID. EVER. -russell

Super scene! Gabriel looks sexy as ever, especially when he asks Mason if he is the bottom! -davidalan

AMAAAZING. will blow to this for quite some time! -rayrock

I've watched this episode a half dozen times or more. It's really sensational. Almost anything involving Gabriel Clark and Mason Star can't miss they're both so hot. And again I'm reminded of two major characters in the Mario series in Amazon's Kindle gay erotic stories by Grant Adams who must have had Gabriel and Mason in mind when he came up with the characters Mario and his hot football hero lover. FANTASTIC! -Rocky

Porn dosen't get much better than this! Three unbeleavably beautiful guys doing it all - Gabriel is my favorite on the site. What a thrill to see him bottom so passionately. It's almost enough to give an old man like me a heart attack. -Nubajon

That was one of the HOTTEST scenes I have ever seen in porn. They are all so friggin HOT and they are passionate.....I love when they all cum and they are ready to eat cum and do. I can watch this over and this is good movie making. thank you ! -Brad

Insanely hot - amazing scene! -wench

i use to hate the cheesy music in video's and wished there were more natural sounds used... now i'm thinking a happy medium would work best... after a few minutes the sounds these guys make, make my skin crawl... -sexytrucker

When there is enough to go around, there dosen't have to be greed on the playground. These guys are good sports.They came across more like old friends that competition. -Foxroad

Gabriel Clark is ALWAYS HOT and commands every scene he's in.. Unfortunately, I can't say anything else about Mason or Adrian, 'cause they are mediocre at best... -IrishBlueGerman

I can't be the only one who wants to get a pair of scissors and cut Adrian right out of this scene. I'm sure he's lovely, but... Mason Star topping Gabriel Clark? Does is get any better than that? This scene NEEDS to be expanded. -Happy Jack

Three busy men do their best... Thanks. -stier51

Best threesome ever..... soooo hoooootttttt..... -pendora696

Gabriel and Mason. My 2 favorites in any porn scene, especially when they're fucking together!!! Adrian was a nice addition to an already great pair, and made a great threesome!!! -studmuffn

This is he most inventive and creative scene I have watched -- and I can't believe it all took place in 2011! Yikes, how did I miss this? There are just winners in this scene -- everybody got fucked, everybody got sucked and everybody sucked and fucked -- and they all get off beautifully. I am not sure how all of this was orchestrated and edited but the finished product is far greater that the sum of it parts. I can't say which part was my favorite because there were so many. I can say that Gabriel, Mason and Adrian were all beautiful and powerful -- and fully energized! Congratulations on this superb job of film-making! -smjeff

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