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Jimmy Clay & Jake Bass Flip-fuck!

By now you have probably already heard me say the line "Once a Cockyboy, always a Cockyboy!" a million times. Well, it's true. And this time we brought back Jimmy Clay to prove me right and show everyone how our Cockyboys like to roll. Sometimes it seems as if once our boys are done filming for our site they just disappear from the scene and are gone forever. We're here to change that idea! "Is there life after Cockyboys?" you might ask? Hell yeah there is! Jimmy seems to be reaping the benefits in his post-Cockyboys career - he showed up driving his brand new and loud convertible and wasted no time picking up Jake Bass and taking him out on a Sunday-funday ride to show him what the good life is all about. These days Jimmy's hair is a little longer, he has gotten a little wiser, a little bigger, and A LOT hornier than the old Jimmy we used to know! Before Jake had any chance to take in the beautiful scenery of Palm Springs, he found his head berried in Jimmy's crotch while he was driving his open convertible and the cars were driving by. When you're a Cockyboy veteran - things like that don't bother you. You get it on when you want, however you want, and with whomever you want. That's just how it is. No explanation needed. When they got back from the ride, Jake was hungry for more! Truth is, Jake has been craving Jimmy's cock ever since he can remember. When I first met Jake and asked him "What Cockyboy do you want to have sex with the most?" he didn't hesitate for a second. "Jimmy Clay!! Please!!!", he cried. "I would do anything with him!" If by "anything" he meant choking on his dick, burring his face in his hole before plowing it and then bending over on top of a convertible's seats to ride on Jimmy's dick then I think we just made a Cockyboy's dream come true. And I'm sure Jake wasn't the only one who had been having that same dream... So dream on, fuckers! This one goes out to all the fans out there who never stop believing in our Cockyboys. Because they will always CUM back!

Cast: Jake Bass, Jimmy Clay

What Members Are Saying

awesome !! -bimzter

Love hearing Jake wimper and moan as he is getting fucked by that stud JIMMY. Also loved the shower of cum that was released out of them when they came. WOULD LOVE TO SEE JAKE EATING SOME CUM! -bottom1

Jimmy Clay and Jake Bass.....just wow. I was gonna stay in tonight but I'm heading str8 to the baths now! -Doc

Hot scene you guys rocked it! -wapiti3

wow! jake was soooo cock hungry! he's a great bottom, but i've never seem him CRAVE getting fucked harder..... and of course seeing jimmy clay fuck and get fucked is always a treat! great scene boys :-) -jennifer

My favorite is "Suck it like you're mad at it!". -Taryn

Im so in love with Jake!!! -Southbay

What is left to say? Great action! Great performers! Great Job! I remember seeing the live stream on Cam4 of you guys fliming this.....that was HOT..but seeing the finished product now....WOW! Even hotter. -Mike-Spike

Holy. Fucking. Hell. Jake & Jimmy? Say “hello” to the top of my favorites list! There’s so much to love about this one and, regrettably, one thing I hated about it. Socks. I’ve nothing against socks but if you can take off every other stitch of clothing why can’t you take off the damn socks? I hate socks in gay porn. Other than that? Loved every damn minute of this one! Totally loved that they actually spoke each other’s names at some point. Why does typical porn dialogue consist primarily of variations of “fuck yeah” or “oh fuck” or “fuuuuuck”? Tickled me pink that they called each other by their names at least once. I’m having a really hard time not falling into serious adoration of Jake Bass. Serious. Adoration. He said some wonderful things in this one, my favorites of which are: “suck it like you’re mad at it” (I admit to rewinding several times just to hear that again), “is it Christmas?” and (while looking into the camera which I usually hate but soooooooooo didn’t this time) all breathy, “I’m gonna cum” . . . and yes, he certainly does. I loved that they were noisy. Jimmy Clay is one of my favorites for making noise while fucking. I absolutely love to listen to him. Sometimes when he comes he’s actually . . . . . keening (the only word that seems to come close to what I want). At one point when Jake’s devouring Jimmy’s ass I thought he was gonna eat him right off the back of the car! I swear, I thought Jake fucking Jimmy was ridiculously hot --- he was ramming him like there was no tomorrow and he wasn’t going out alone --- but when Jimmy got inside Jake’s tight little butt . . . my god! Jake bit the car . . . . TWICE! HOT. SEXY. FUN. NOISY. So many of the things I love in gay porn. If Jake & Jimmy didn’t really have a blast on this one then they deserve some sort of acting awards because they sure looked and sounded like they did and I enjoyed every single second of it. Benny or Jake – whoever shot this one? Applause to YOU! Fanfuckingtastic. -FanGrrl99

Personally, Jimmy is NOT my kinda guy.. I felt he was pretty unsexy. No, don't get me wrong! The video is HOT AS HELL!!! Just, well Jimmy doesn't do it for me...:) I LOVE Jakey tho! he is stunning! I love car fun! and this topped pretty much all of those i saw! it's hot and sexy and I want more car porn please :) -uknowwhothisis

Jake coming was amazing! I thought he was going to cry! But Jimmy didn't kiss him enough - doesn't he know Jake likes lots of kissing? ;) -Jack

I have no words. Jake Bass is amazing!! -Evan

I ADORE Jake Bass but who the hell is this Jimmy kid?!?! He has to be the most clueless "gay" pornstar ever! He comes across as totally straight and not in a sexy "I want to convert him" way! It's like he had NO clue what he was doing!!! Anti would have been tolerable if not for the stream of ridiculousness coming out of his mouth "yeah buddy"!!!!! Most annoying person I've EVER seen in a porno...and I've watched straight porn *shudder*. Clearly Jake Bass can act cuz he gave one hell of a performance!!! -Wtf Did I Just Watch

I've been a Jake Bass fan for quite awhile now, and since cockyboys hasn't given us anything new in months with Jake in it I decided to re-watch this scene with Jimmy Clay. I've got to say, this is my favorite scene of Jake bottoming. I normally don't enjoy Jake bottoming as much as topping because he doesn't seem to enjoy it as much...but this scene is something different. -doesitmatter

what a cumshot from both of them! awesome! -Seb

Loved it!! -KhaleesiRose

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