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"Austony" - A Love Story

Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero are two of porn's most well-known stars. With Austin's bad boy mystique and thick cock, and Anthony's hard, muscled body and baby face, it's easy to see why these two have each developed huge fan bases. This unique video, however, shares a highly personal glimpse into their lives as a serious couple that's hard to find in the industry. While fans know them as a hot couple with mind-blowing sexual chemistry, Austin and Anthony want the world to know their relationship has a certain depth not usually revealed so publicly!

What started with a single Facebook message from Anthony to Austin quickly evolved into daily phone calls, weekend trips across the country, and a slow but steady foundation of trust in each other to finally say the words "I love you." Anthony describes how he was persistent with his pursuit of Austin, and while Austin thought dating another porn star might be a bad idea, he learned that they shared a lot more in common than their profession. The fact that both studs work in porn, though, definitely worked in their favor as they were able to produce for us a wildly passionate sex scene with REAL physical and emotional attraction. This is the first of SEVERAL documentary-style updates following this engaging and sexy couple.

You will be drooling over the intensity of these two and are guaranteed to never watch them fuck in the same way again!


Jake Jaxson

Cast: Anthony Romero, Austin Wilde

What Members Are Saying

Beautiful scene! This was for real! -Glenn

I'm impressed. One of the most authentic scenes I've seen. I absolutely love the sounds these two make, especially Anthony. Congratulations to Austin for inducing such a genuine response from your partner. Again, well done and I hope to see more from these two soon. -Jin Reads

WOW! Amazing...these two are the reason that I joined CockyBoys and this scene alone makes it worth it. You just can't fake this kind of chemistry. Can't wait to see more! -Anon

Perfection. Start to finish. Absolutely beautiful. Thank you. -FanGrrl99

This is an absolutely wonderful video! Sincere, real and passionate. Great guys! Unlike certain other gay entertainment companies available on the web, this scene shows us two men without the tons of piercing and tattoos, or shaven body parts, while clutching each other on outlandish sites such as mountain cliffs, beaches and truck platforms. IN NATURA here! Well done and keep up the good work. Cockyboys is a very special kind of site !!! -aargauch

I'm almost at a loss for words. Thank you Jake for swaying this couple over to Cockyboys and creating such a beautiful film. Thank you Anthony and Austin for letting us see such an intimate, passionate part of your relationship. -britin

beautiful ^.^ -kry4688

This the most genuine porn scene so far in cockyboys. Austin & Anthony are so perfect together. Thank you guys for this ultimate show. I imagine there will be a reversal. If you never saw Anthony tops Austin, let me tell you this first scene is just the beginning. This two guys are fire. -jetz

I joined this website because I wanted to see scenes with this couple and I was not disappointed at all. I loved everything in this video, the short interviews, the candid images, the sex, the lighting... It was just perfect, I hope to see many more of these two, their chemistry is incredible and they are both smoking hot! -sonicscrew55

Love both Anthony and Austin, and this was an absolutely lovely picture of the two of them. Absolutely gorgeous. -engineerqueen

This is what the entire world needs to see. True love does exist between gay couples just as it does between straight couples. Guys I am a professional singer with 30 years experience singing all over the world. I GLADLY will sing at your wedding. Just let me know when and where. God bless you both ! -CuriousNYC

Wow! I've been waiting for Anthony and Austin to finally have scenes on cockyboys. The first scene with Pierre was good. Antony and Austin were so into each other, Pierre seemed like a distraction. This new scene between just the two of them is GREAT! I would love to see more scenes like this. The passion on display is intense. More please. -Ghost

Wow! Two guys making love. It's all I ever want to see but never do when watching gay porn. This was beautiful .i hope it's just a start. First Max and Jake and now Anthony and Austin. Thanks Jake for two hot scenes!! -Loves Max and Jake

One of the Best! -Bimzter

ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!!! The BEST LOVE/ SEX scene I have ever witnessed!! TOTALLY wish the best for Austin and Anthony! This scene would never have been possible in the atmoshere of gay 4 pay, just suck and fuck sex at ND Studios! CONGRATULATIONS, to Cocky BOYS for making a scene like this possible! -Alann

can't stop watching this. good stuff. -eli

I think the camera man should know when more light is needed specially when shooting from under , need more close up cocks and ass hole , I don't care to see your back of your head or teasing the viewer with long and stupid pause in places like no interest to viewers , most pornographer knows what the public want to see , so guys get back and learn from the professional cheers -el zorro

Absolutely beautiful. Perfection! Hope to see more from these two together. Pleeeeease :-) (And the poster above me clearly didn't get the concept of this video...) -Me

This was not porn; it was lovemaking at its best!! -rocks1

El Zorro...I think you should get a membership at porn site that creates generic material! if you want your standard "porn" shots...This scene is different and beautiful! stop being a negative nancy like MCB! Speaking Of, whats taking her so long to post something negative about this scene -THISisPORN

The plethora of positive responses to this video shows that fans want more emotion/passion in porn, imo. This was gorgeous to watch, and very hot too. -I'mJackToo

Thanks for all of the compliments, guys! Much appreciated! This is one of the best scenes we've shot and yet, the easiest. More to come ;) -Austin Wilde

Best one ever! Tops my old favorite of the two of them (Bar Joke). -Jilly

I think it was perfect... -Alfred

so nice. i liked Anthony's comment about sex like normal people! romantic and hot. thanks. -guyr

This is beyond a doubt one of the best - if not the best - pornographic videos I've ever seen. The real passion between these men definitely shows. The sexual portions of this video are NOT just sex, they are clearly love making and the value is clearly evident. A wonderful video. I enjoyed it very much. -PeterJpj22

This was not a video about 2 hot guys FUCKING but rather a video about to hot guys MAKING LOVE it felt real, it felt natural and there was just something honest about it that you almost forgot that they where shooting a porno NICE JOB !!! AUSTIN & ANTHONY or AUSTONY A & A what ever you want to call them they are sweet together .............. -BLACKjackHAMMER

I can't stop watching this video, so erotic and sensual. Would love to see more like it -Gmg

Anthony is so friggin cute -James

Loved watching this, very sensual and real. It's sad that these two are no longer together. Their chemistry was special but I guess not enough to keep them together. -someone 8

Authentic scenes with chemistry like this set you apart from the other sites. I'll stay a member as long as you keep producing beautiful shoots like this. There's enough generic porn out there. This is beautiful and different - as the other posters said, love making not fucking. Bravo! -Chris

This is the best scene I've seen in my life. It was so beautiful and the love and passion I felt watching these two literally made me want to weep. It was just stunningly beautiful. I joined this site because of this video and I NEVER pay for porn...EVER! LOL -Kem

are you kidding me these two are no longer together since when? This scene was the reason I joined cockyboys. More info please. -nuttybird

are you kidding me these two are no longer together since when? This scene was the reason I joined cockyboys. More info please. -nuttybird

A perfect video with amazing men! -stier51

This is HOT!! Love the way Autin pounds his ass. I don't know who is luckier Austin for getting to fuck a cute guy or Anthony for getting to be fucked by a hot guy with his big dick -Sexymeat

Beautiful, passionate and wonderful to watch. Loved it. Thanks Cockyboys! -Frie

This. Is. Brilliant. -Harry

A-MAZING! I've watched this scene probably 100 times. My absolute fave besides Colby and Anthony's scene. The chemistry between them is beautiful. Love listening to Anthony moan as Austin fucks him. Such fine asses, too. Omigod. Its too much for me sometimes! Love me some Cockyboys! XO -Ms KK

I loved both cum shots at the end thanks guys your scenes are always hot at cocky boys -biman

Fan - fucking - tastic !!!! -Ms A

That was freaking amazing. Their love and intimacy is shown through the many little things they know about each other and what they like done. I DID NOT WANT IT TO END!!!! NEW FAVES!!!!!! -OhLordBen

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