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Austin Wilde & JP Dubois

Being world famous porn stars like Austin Wilde and Anthony Romero can be hard work, especially when you're real-life boyfriends. And while our first two Austony scenes proved that being boyfriends can sometimes work to their advantage on camera, this third chapter takes a step back and focuses on the parallel lives Austin and Anthony are forced to lead when work becomes the top priority.

Like all couples, Austin and Anthony have to deal with each other's hectic work schedules. So when Austin is fully booked for a promotional tour in London, Anthony is left to explore the city with his friend Jake Bass. Meanwhile, Austin is all set to get down to business with Scottish stud JP DuBois, a guy he's wanted to shoot with ever since they met a year ago. After a little dancing and a lot of groping, Austin and JP head back to the hotel to fuck. Austin couldn't get enough of his long, uncut dick, and even used his own camera to record from his POV!

By the end, JP's face was completely covered in Austin's spunk in what was without a doubt one of the best cumshots I've ever seen. When the two kissed afterward, I couldn't help but wonder what Anthony was up to at that exact moment. After all, it's only work... right?


Jake Jaxson

Cast: Austin Wilde, JP Dubois

What Members Are Saying

Excelent! -Roger

Incredible pairing ! However, I do think that Jake Bass looks out of place in this video ... he could hide his nervousness and cigarette !! -aargauch

So hot. Austin drives me wild. -A fan

That was just INCREDIBLE!! JP must become a regular! This video is pure dynamite. -mdevil

I didn't see this one coming I knew you were in London but you paired my all time facorite scotsman and Austin Wilde..just inspired! And the result? A video that I will be getting off too for a long time! So makes you wonder how Anthony and Sam Barclay (JP's sexy hubby) will take the chemistry on display here? Kidding we KNOW all four men are Porn Pro's! -DeWayne in San Diego

Outstanding scene. JP is just fantastic. I would like to see him flip with Antony next. -jetxx

Austin Wilde is a moran and not very amusing to listen to. Intelligence can be a lot sexier than a big dick. -Gutterboi NYC

Great pair in fucking perfection. They love it. Thanks. -stier51

Thats fucking hot! -Eric

This is probably the best video I've seen on your site. You could see and feel the attraction between these two and the result was very sexy. -davash

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