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Introducing Jett Black!

Jett Black has been an artist his entire life. He loves to move his body and perform in front of other people, so you can see why making porn is no different to him. In fact, being naked on screen adds another layer of depth when he's expressing himself, a certain "raw passion" he says, that he's proud to share with the world. As long as he's in a safe, comfortable environment, Jett loves to show off and turn guys on.

Jett's the type of guy that can embrace the perfect moment when it happens and easily succumb to his emotions. One of his most memorable sexual experiences was when he and a friend were taking a night stroll through Central Park after dinner and then suddenly found themselves rolling around on the grass and fucking. While he may seem like an adventurous guy, Jett's actually just very in touch with his feelings -- and we didn't quite understand this until he finally stripped down and had our complete attention...

Watching Jett stroke himself was like experiencing a true work of art -- there's strength, passion, emotion, and creativity. The movements then slowly build up and intensify until the grand finale. With a performance like Jett's, I think it's safe to say we'd all give him a standing ovation.


Jake Jaxson

Cast: Jett Black

What Members Are Saying

Fabulous first shoot, so sexy & gorgeous. Cockyboys have a sure fire winner here, can't wait to see his first scene with someone. Keep up the great work everyone. -ChristianKlemm

Bring him back and drill the f... out of him. he is gorgeous omg... -yes

I kind of want to bake him a pie but then throw him on the bed and have my way with him. He's the perfect combo of damn cute and mother fucking sexy. Not sure if I'll be able to handle him and Arnaud together. -britin

He is more than hot! An angel with a dirty mind! -Beau

I'm in love. First time Cockyboys member and I love this kid! Want to see more! -More!

I'm in love with this guy! Pure amazing video. Love his passion and moans. Can't wait to see him with another guy. Arnaud, Anthony, Antonio, Dillon... Any of them would be great. -CHE

WOW!!!! This dude is so HOT. He said he likes to be tied up and dominated. I too love bondage so I hope to see someone (Pierre ??) "do" him and soon. I'm so hard just thinking of the possibilities. -hornytony

Sometimes shy. Sometimes smoking with seduction. Perfect! Love his noises too! -Hydro

Pure perfection! Where can we meet this kid!? -blover

Hoooooot! Let Dale play with that ass man! -2twinks

Absolutely gorgeously sensual and sexy. Love his passion and enjoyment! His hands are especially beautiful - hope to see him more and soon! -Rue

A lovely boy. He knows what to do.. -stier51

I need to see this kid TOP! Damn he is beautiful! -twwolf

Totally awesome intro to Jett...such a sexual guy...going to watch all his stuff!!!! -Theo

Jett Black is my baby!! Love him! -Lucy

wonderful ! Pure, noble Masculinity !! -Paolo

I wrote only nonsense !!! -Paolo

Jett (Jeppe Hansen) is a Kingdom to penetrate deeply and to worship religiously. -jazov

no, only Nonsense. -jazov

Jett Black is sooo sensual and sexy! This guy would be welcome in my bed anytime mmmmmm -Canadianpete

Perfection personified. Just doesn't get better than this. Jett is an Adonis. What more can I say -smm2112

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