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Gabriel Clark Pounds Jett Black!

Gabriel Clark and Jett Black work so well together that it's pretty easy to imagine them dating and fucking off camera. Both are cute in their own way and they're just the right amount of goofy when around each other. Neither one is very versatile when it comes to sex, either -- Gabriel is usually the top and Jett is usually the bottom -- so the pairing was perfect. This was their first time ever meeting, but you'd think they'd known each other for years!

Gabriel was so eager to pound Jett that he jumped right into conversation, asking him about gentle fucking versus fast fucking, eating cum, and getting tied up! As a relative newcomer, Jett was shy and a little nervous, but that only made Gabriel more blunt with his pursuits. "I'll be nice just enough to gain your trust," he said, "then when you take your guard down, I'll be really hard on you!"

We can safely say that Gabriel always keeps his promises, because Jett really got the hardest pounding of his life! And these guys didn't even have the comfort of a bed. Gabriel fucked Jett on two different chairs, standing up, and sprawled out on a chest in front of the fireplace. This scene is one to remember for sure -- not just for Gabriel and Jett, but for us too!


Jake Jaxson

Cast: Gabriel Clark, Jett Black

What Members Are Saying

Cockyboys! Can I be the first to congratulate you on catching this little star on camera. He is an absolute gem, hot beautiful and sexy as fuck! When I watch his first two scenes it's like watching old school Bel Ami where it was all about the male love and the real sex! Can't wait for next scene! More Jett! -Dallas45

If Batman and Robin had a sexual relationship it would look like this! I'm in love with the blondie! -twwolf

FUCK i dont know who is Luckier!!! -me2~

Jett Black is quite the find. I look forward to the day when this spitfire tops! -jdbutternut

OH MY GOD -doesitmatter

WOW...that was beyond HOT!!!!!!! it was so hot I don't even know who I ended up watching more of.....ADORE them BOTH....Would love to see another scene between these two...PASSIONATE oh and did I mention HOT as HELL!!!!! -nuttybird

love to see gabriel clark bottom for bravo delta or the other way around... -efdanbenj

Fantastic scene. Loved Jett's moves and when he came his nipples were so stiff and tasty looking =) -Ryo

Damn that was really HOT!!! -Mmm...

HOTT as HELL scene!!! Jett is WONDERFUL, but I ABSOLUTELY LOVE Gabriel... He is PURE SEX!! I would have to maintain a membership at any site that features him!! -Alann

Just wanna give Jett Black a hug and fuck the shit out of him! He's perfection! -Unmit

AM I the only one that thinks about QAF and Brian and Justin when I see these two -Doc

This scene was already one of the hottest I've seen, even BEFORE they'd taken off their clothes. The play, the teasing is excellent between these two! -Rue

What a great, playful, and hot as fuck scene. And yes I'm with you Doc. A little Brian and Justin fantasy is always good. -britin

Man and boy, Gabriel and Jett: Two happy fucker. Very hot... -stier51

I love Jett :) and oh my god Gabriel is back loved him like crazy :D -persia1979

Im a new member, and that hot vid was my first to view. Now I have to go and whack off. lol -hagenow

Please, give us more of Jett Black! He's so passionate, playful and a perfect bottom. -rob

Beautiful. Love Jett! He just seems so real, and the chemistry between these two was awesome. I also thought Brian & Justin when I was watching them. -Enamorata101

love that hot bottom jett black he is so luscious -bigass456

I love Jett Black but really find Gabriel unattractive; although his cock is nice. Jett should have a scene with jake bass -Heath

As Mr. Jaxson says multiple times on this site, being a CockyBoy is about having the right personality and Jett Black has it in SPADES! He exudes this curious mixture of innocence and subtle sexuality that is as intoxicating as it is intriguing! I absolutely adore Jett! And that's just based on his personality alone! Don't get me started on that body! He could have stood as the model for Michelangelo's David with that body: lean and sculpted to perfection! And Gabriel is the dark and handsome counterpart to Jett's lightness (almost etherealness). I don't know why but he always strikes me as slightly sinister, but in the sexiest of ways! Loved this pairing and the chemistry they shared! Mr. Jaxson is a cocky genius! Another project well done and well chosen! Thank you! -G.G.

This scene was hot but I think it would have been even HOTTER had Gabriel been FUCKING the hell out of Hayden Lourde ! I hope we will be seeing a lot of that blond STUD real soon !!! -BLACKjackHAMMER

Jett reminds me of Leonardo DiCaprio from Titanic in this scene. Gabriel is just hot hands down. Jett is lucky to share this scene with him. -belleBookLover

...Jett Black is a tasty and ripe little fucker who is ALL about sex...He brings back that Jeremy Jordan (in his day)innocent schoolboy persona who just delights in "being naughty" and practically squeals with pleasure when he is pounded good and fast!....Gabriel is just the right pairing in this scene.He delivers to Jett what this lad needs....SEX!...More please! -thom

This is one of my all time favourites. I just love Jett and Gabriel is damn sexy. The chemistry leaps off the screen, my insides clenched a sure sign that it was a magic pairing. FANTASTIC scene!!! :) -cbreiko

The sacred Orgasm of Jett is delicious !! -Paolo

noble, regal anal Penetration. Jett's Ass is gorgeous and adored for Eternity! -Paolo

I wrote only nonsense !!! -Paolo

authentic Gay Mystic ! Fantastic ! -Paolo, Rome

assist orgasm Jet is like being in Paradise ! I want to lick the hairy Ass of Jet and swallow his delicious Hair! -Paolo, Rome

no, only Nonsense ! -Paolo, Rome

C.G. pretty much summed this one up. Jett is by far and away my favorite model not just on this site but any site I've visited. Period! -smm2112

That mix of control/dominance and "we are just joking around is both gorgeous and sensuously sinfully HOT. The sex looked fantastic, particularly the foreplay. But I absolutely fell in love with the end of the video where Gabriel just picked Jett up and threw him over his shoulder. Damn I wish a lover would play like that with me. 10/10 for this pairing and really liked the setting. -quiet1

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