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Colby Keller & the Camera Man

Colby Keller doesn't exactly play by the rules. With his anthropology degree and sex advice videos, you could call him a free-thinking intellectual that beats his own path... as well as others' asses. He considers himself "mostly a top" (just ask Anthony Romero), but has always fantasized about being tied up and taken advantage of. With his brains, his aggressive and flirty personality, and huge cock, Colby is one guy that attracts all kinds of men.

Take our camera guy for instance. What started as an innocent interview soon turned into touching, sucking, rimming, and... who knows what else? Our lucky staff member will only know for sure what happened, but he did manage to film himself fulfilling Colby's bondage fantasy. With his hands helplessly tied together and his cock getting jerked off and sucked, Colby made some pretty amazing faces.

He also spewed about a gallon of cum at the end. When his heavy breathing finally returned to normal, Colby said he'd never filmed anything like that before. On top of it being his first time being tied up, it was also his first time fooling around with the camera guy on set. Hopefully it won't be his last!


Jake Jaxson

Cast: Colby Keller

What Members Are Saying

HOLLY FUCK! ok, thank you cockyboys. i want to see MEN have passionate sex and you delivered again. Colby Keller and the camera man is so enticing, i got hard just wanting to know who the other guy was. and the ass eating was so exciting, like i was not supposed to see that which made me more hard. I really enjoy watching these mini movies. -THISisPORN

Who could resist Colby's requests? I know I wouldn't. Thanks for an amazingly hot scene and I will forever be wondering who the camera man was... -britin

INCREDIBLE! Anything with Colby in it is likely to be a little out of the ordinary and extra special. I've never seen anything like this before. It's brilliant and so, so SEXY!! -BoB

I am a big Cockyboys and Colby fan but I was a bit disappointed. I thought the camera work was poor and would have preferred a third person filming the sex. It was a waste of 18 minutes. -supermanfan

Colby is the hottest star i have ever seen - The cum shot made me so hungry -Jeff

That was so fucking hot! What an absolutely lucky camera man too. I agree with the others, the fact we got to see what maybe we weren't suppose to made it even hotter. LOVED IT!! -Sozo

Holy crap. What a hot load. Damn ! -Jeff

Colby is extemely hot, as was the scene. Wish I was the camera man. -aspdude

Colby Keller...that is two super hot scenes he has appeared in. Can't wait for more, we'll done cocky boys, colby Keller and the camera man! -Kimbo01

What an extremely hot man fire! The hottest cum shot I ever have seen. Thank you so much. Please more... -stier51

Wow!! Hot... Lucky man and he shoots a huge load. As did I, breath taking. Thanks keep them cumming. Each week you all make me smile! -Colorado

Colby Keller is one of the hottest stars in gay porn today. Absolutely love the fact that he owns his daddy status and the beard...oh yeah, he's absolutely oozing sex appeal. Next time that load should go down my throat. ;-) -otter

FANTASSSSSSSTIC!!! I've always wondered if the camera guys never lusted over the guys they were working with. This was AWESOME! Colby is such a flirt! He's so charming... I don't blame the guy... I'd never pass that offer! lol I could hear Colby talking all day long! It was hot! It was sticky! It was amazing! Thanks for making that happen Cockyboys! I'm proud to be a member! -DA_Kinney

I really like Colby,However, a scene like this is fine if you're featuring two scenes a week...but I really want to see at least a hardcore scene every week! Just for example Corbin Fisher's ACM featured a massage JO scene this week plus two hardcore scenes. -Alann

This was fun, sexy & fun, and hot, very hot! Gotta love Colby, he's such a unique performer every time, really gives it everything with no BS! This scene was fabulous. -CK

This made me cum so hard. So, so hard. I think I'm in love with Mr. Keller. -FK

I skimmed the comments and saw that someone was disappointed in the camera work. I have to disagree. It's part of what made it so hot for me. I love amateur porn too, so I don't mind a few imperfections (though it was intentional in this scenario, to give a voyeuristic impression). It was really the tease that made this scene so hot, what you couldn't quite see, what was intentionally out of focus... So fucking hot. Colby Keller is just pure sex. He's so hot. More from Colby Keller and Dale Cooper, please, they're my favorites <33333 -AudreyHorne

Hot! The only bit I thought was a little off-putting was when Colby's hands turned purple. Not a good look. -Tammy

This video is really hot. I love the voyeuristic feel with the cameraman joining in too. Colby is great, so much personality and so open and sexual - gorgeous man. There were a couple of moments where I was frustrated by the camera not showing the part (aka dick) that I wanted to see, but overall I loved this and think it worked really well. I think it must be very hard when editing to decide whether to show dick or face because both are hot. Is split screen porn a thing yet? If not - I think that would be cool :) -Frie

That is THE HOTTEST "solo" I've seen in a long time. The cameraman made me feel that I was in the scene. Thank you, Cocky Boys; you are my new favorite studio... -mad1026

I love how Colby's voice gets deeper and more abrupt when he's bossing the cameraman around! He's such a flirt too! What a great personality- and HOT!!! -Big Fan

Loved the mysterious aspect of this vid. Colby is hot on his own but the 'Cameraman' getting involved took it OFF THE CHARTS!!! The jerky camera work added realness to the feel of the scene. Fantastic job as always Cockyboys, thanks for taking porn off the yawnlist!! -Cockyboyfan

Good God Colby is perfection. Pure fucking perfection. -thatgirl

As a straight gramma, I just found gay porn, and I love it so much better with two hot guys rather than a screaming girl and one hot guy that never gets to show his face. Cockyboys, thank you for respectful porn than even an old lady can love. Loved this scene with Colby. Also love anything with Tayte. And Liam!! My new fave. Keep it cumming, cockyboys!! -Jen

Once in a while a solo film is nice for a change and this was no exception. I loved the conception of this film and the way it was executed. I too have wondered what the cameramen feel and think during a shoot; now we know!! But the big thing about this film is the cum shot at the end. I counted 12 spurts of the creamy white stuff when 4 or 5 is good (6 if you're very lucky). To watch Colby writhe and twist about was real action, nothing fake about this cum shot when you saw the amount and speed with which he produced. Even the pre-cum was amazing! some men give us less for the real thing. Surprised that in the last two years only 3 comments made. Keep it cumming, Colby -Mancunia

Colby what a load....make all of us jealous. I am sure this was staged but I have often wandered how the cameramen can film all these hot guys and not shoot their load. So this was a fantasy come true. Would really love to know how the cameramen act when filming. -D28

Just too bad I could not see the other person. His anonymity made it more interesting though coz it's a first. Good concept cockyboys. -ilovexpassion

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