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Roadstrip Ep. 2 with Jake Bass & Levi Karter

Director's Note: Hi PUPS! Welcome to Episode 2 of Road Strip. We have been thrilled by y'alls feedback to Episode One... so thank you for that!

I am particuly excited with this episode in that we introduce newcommer - Levi Karter! Keep an eye on him -- he is going to be BIG! From the moment I first spoke to him I knew I wanted to work with him. He's incredibly talented as a dancer and tumbler. On top of that he possesses a raw sexual energy that would make grown men blush! And lest we forget those motherfucking bedroom eyes that make all the boys melt and bend to his will! So expect a lot more from him.

Also, in this episode we feature original music from New York musician and artist Gio Black Peter! Gio is an amazing person! Talented, creative, with never-ending energy and drive. I have followed and admired him for years -- and I am so greatful and proud to feature his work in RoadStrip. If interested you can learn more or purchase his music on iTunes or go to check out his web site at

Once again, I have included a few snaps from my travel Log with Max, Jake & Levi. Hope you all enjoy!


Jake Jaxson

Scene Description: This week on RoadStrip, Max and Jake hit up Boston for an appearance at the nightclub The Machine. But due to the frigid weather conditions, they make the rash decision to pack everything up and hightail it to California in a speedy five days.

With only Skittles, Red Bull, and a couple "Rules of the Road" keeping them sane, Max and Jake somehow make it to Palm Springs and enjoy the California sun by renting some bikes and discussing the upcoming CyberSocket Web Awards where they're nominated for Best Sex Scene and Best Newcomer. But just when things seem to be going well, Max accuses Jake of hitting on guys that are "close to him" to feed his own ego and everything spirals out of control.

After a fight erupts, Jake escapes for the day to a coffee shop and meets the handsome barista, Levi Karter. The two click instantly and before long, they're wrestling in a public park, checking out historical landmarks in Palm Springs, and licking ice cream cones during a night out on the town. Like all good friends, Jake and Max easily rebound from their earlier disagreement when Jake brings Levi back home for the night. And being a protective friend, Max has a few questions for Levi as the three sit around the campfire. But what Jake really wants is some quality "alone time" with Levi and will not tolerate Max overstaying his welcome. This episode will give you a deeper understanding of how complex the relationship between Jake and Max really is. At times silly, jealous, loving, and angry, the power of "Jax" is still built firmly on the foundation of competition -- and Project GoGo Boy has long since passed. The explosive ending to this episode is sure to raise just as many eyebrows as it raises dicks!

Cast: Jake Bass, Levi Karter

What Members Are Saying

I loved this episode. The passion and chemistry between Levi and Jake was so amazing, I really enjoyed watching their scene together. Jake and Max' "bickering" is just cute. They're honest and real and you can relate to them and their feelings and that's really great. Thank you for this amazing second episode! Can't wait for more! xxx -Noda_Flake

Levi is soooo cute! I couldn't stop staring at his sexy! -Kem0805

I loved it loved it :D -persia1979

Okay, I love Max, he's a doll, but having to be /escorted/ back to the RV because he wouldn't go himself? Immature and not a good look. Still, love him, and the scene between Levi and Jake. -Tammy

Another amazing episode. I love the back and forth between Max & Jake it's so cute and yet something all of us can relate to. Jake & Levi was just hot!! I loved it!! Can't wait for more -Sozo

Another amazing episode. Loved it. Levi is a hottie for sure. Jake is always hot -Jeff

I love how this scene plays out. Passionate and easy. Jake is quite the romantic. I also love the voyeuristic feel that some of the newer scenes have. Hot! -britin

All I can say is WOWOWOWOWOWOW!!!! Levi is probably one of the hottest boys I've seen in awhile, and damnnnnnn..I'm a bottom, but I'd top him in a heartbeat! Can't wait to see more of him. -alex

I love Jake Bass, and anything he is in is better than nothing. Honestly though, I didn't like this pairing for some reason. Maybe they seemed too similar to me, not sure. However, this second episode was great and I loved getting to know the guys a little more. Can't wait for the rest of the episodes. -jlmd

Amazing episode, even topping the first! Max and Jake are so great together, always blurring the line between love and hate. Levi! Levi, you're a god. Those lips, tight ass and the way you give head should be illegal. Totally dug a more aggressive Jake, too. Hair grabbing!! *growl* keep up the good work cockyboys team. Btw the hotel room's painting was something else...anyone know the artist's name? -Ryo

great match very hot -bigass456

Levis swallows Jake's entier load....quite possibly the best cum shot I've ever seen! Please, more of that!! -Matt

'Is this Madonna? Lets go see her' hahaha amazing.... totally loved the chemistry between all three of them. great episode. the rules at the beginnign were really fun to watch :) -faraday

I have watched and re-watched both part 1 and 2 so many times what is my favorite? Hard to say I love part 1 the set-up but I give the edge to part 2 and Levi Karter had the best porn debut of any pornstar in memory! What a DVD this will make when completed! -DeWayne in San Diego

My favorite part of the sex scene was when you could hear Jake asking Levi if he was okay. That's the sweet side coming out of the "cockyboy" -doesitmatter

Ok, so Im now addicted to both Jake and Levi :O Like this was fuckin perfection, and max is adrable lol -Jakiak

these boys are so much fun to watch! -kevin

Bitchy and whiny queen talk the whole first half, this is NOT what I am paying for... -eye4bear

those Levy´s lips??!! make me wet dreaaaaammmm!! Viva Paraguay!!! -Lucy

I've just seen every vid of Levy, i'm in love w/him ! BEAUTIFUL !! Wanna film with him! -abaque

Is it wrong that I just want to edit out all the Max stuff? I just can't take the bitchy bickering. Love Levi and Jake though. -IamMischief

Bien que peu de monde doit connaître ce film ici, la promesse d'au revoir entre Levi et Jack à la fin de l'épisode (à propos, ce serait bien qu'ils se retrouvent dans au moins un duo...) ne peut me faire penser qu'à la dernière scène de Te Way We Were. -cgilles

Jake, Max & Levi in the same scene! How did the camera not catch on fire? Introducing Levi Karter indeed! *swoon* -Kev1229

Jake Bass could make sex with a rock look sexy. He's so gorgeous and sensual. I hope that he and Max aren't at odds in real life because they seem like they should really be close friends. As always, wonderful CockyBoy entertainment. -Khaleesi69

creo que si jake bass mirara fuerte a una pared esta se derretiría...xdddd no hay nada de el que no me guste es y seguirá siendo mi puerta de entrada al maravilloso mundo del porno gay -gladysunquillo

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