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Ricky Roman Fucks Ben Rose!

Ricky Roman and Ben Rose make the perfect pairing -- they're both dark, muscular, and have about the same amount of tattoos. Their chemistry was undeniable when they first met and Ben loved to suck Ricky's giant cock. In turn, Ricky loved rimming Ben's ass before fucking him. We can't really tell which of these two is more cocky... if one thing's for sure, they both had big smiles on their faces after they were through with each other.

Cast: Ben Rose, Ricky Roman

What Members Are Saying

Oh Ricky Roman could just stand there and I would be thrilled. He has the most amazing body, beautiful brown skin, sexy smile and adorable personality. Can you tell I am a fan..promise not a stalker but a big fan. This scene is just hot. Ben Rose is a good paring and love him too. Ricky is destined for a long and bright future in the industry. I guarantee it. Thank you Cockyboys for sharing him with us. -Jeffrey

I love Ricky Roman even more. :D its great that Ben Rose is back. :D -Mina

Yes! Ricky Roman is fantastic! Loved him in The Haunting and can't wait to see more of him! -Zuldar

Great scene, but shouldn't it be "Ricky Roman fucks Ben Rose"? -jlmd

I love Ben with hairy chest!!! -Todd

Ricky is my prince charming! -azguy

I am totally in love of Ricky. I enjoy see him top. He is one of the sexiest cocky boys. And Ben is so adorable. It is the perfect pairing. Too bad the scene is too short. I can watch these tow cuties fuck for hours. Good job guys! -jetx

Everyone seems to obsess over Ricky, but I think Ben is one adorable and sexy guy! Especially in this video with his naturally hairy chest... his earlier videos in which he was fake baked and smooth shaven were... lacking. Keep the sexy coming! -Paul

Once again, superb. I'll be surprised if there aren't more people in love with Ricky after this scene. -Jack Manly

I love the bright lighting. No offense intended, but some of your vids are a little dark and shadowy at times to my taste. I guess it's the mood you're trying to set. But then again, gay men do it with the lights on! haha -JanBrady

Ben Rose is soooooo SEXY! He and Ricky look good together. -davidalan

Hello, the Pictures work not so really. Can you check this. Please!!! -J.

So hot! Both guys were so real it wasnt over acted and it was great I watched it 4 times!!! More Ricky Please -Eric

Ben Rose: I love his tattoos. I love his piercings. And from the other videos it appears he is adding more ink! Hot!!! -Landon

Ricky Roman and Ben Rose, Great pairing. -rickyt

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