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A Thing of Beauty: Free To Be Me

Director's Note:
A Thing of Beauty: Free To Be Me

For the final installment of A Thing of Beauty, I chose a poem that has meaning to me beyond just the written and spoken word.

In 1848, at age 29, Walt Whitman visited New Orleans. There he met a man, and the two briefly became lovers. When Walt looked back on his New Orleans dalliance, he penned a poem titled "Once I Pass'd Through A Populous City," and it was branded "obscene" when published. However, even the published poem hid its true meaning.

In 1925, the original hand-written manuscript of the poem was discovered. It clearly showed that Whitman had changed the gender pronouns before the poem was published. Here is the original version -- a delightful poem -- capturing a moment of queer love from 160 years ago:

by Walt Whitman

Once I pass'd through a populous city imprinting my brain for future
use with its shows, architecture, customs, traditions,
Yet now of all that city I remember only a man I casually met
there who detain'd me for love of me,
Day by day and night by night we were together--all else has long
been forgotten by me,
I remember I say only that man who passionately clung to me,
Again we wander, we love, we separate again,
Again he holds me by the hand, I must not go,
I see him close beside me with silent lips sad and tremulous.

And here's the version that was originally published, with the changes in red:

by Walt Whitman

Once I pass'd through a populous city imprinting my brain for future
use with its shows, architecture, customs, traditions,
Yet now of all that city I remember only a woman I casually met
there who detain'd me for love of me,
Day by day and night by night we were together--all else has long
been forgotten by me,
I remember I say only that woman who passionately clung to me,
Again we wander, we love, we separate again,
Again she holds me by the hand, I must not go,
I see her close beside me with silent lips sad and tremulous.

Eight letters! It only took eight letters to kill the beauty of this moment in time. How humble, and sad, that this self-censorship killed the true nature of the poem. Sadly, even today many find it necessary to not allow our authentic selves to run free.

I know for RJ, Benny, and myself that some of our earlier creative attempts were filled with self-censorship, shifting genders, and a general gentrification of our true selves in order to make our work more "sellable" or more "widely accepted." Looking back on it, we can't help but want to indulge in the feeling that it was time wasted. But today we are free, or as the title of this installment of A Thing of Beauty suggests, free to be me.

None of this would have been possible without the wonderful support of our members and affiliates! Without you, A Thing of Beauty would not be possible -- thank you! This project has connected us to the true value of our work and, more importantly, the beauty of what we have and share together as a team and as a family.

Love always,

Jake Jaxon, RJ Sebastion & Benny Morecock

A Thing of Beauty has so far showcased some of the most passionate sex between men you'll see on film, and this addition raises the bar yet again. As much of a celebration of sex as it is an exploration, Part IV focuses on those particular moments in life that just can't escape us -- living in a new city, meeting someone special, diving head first (literally) into a new adventure, and the kind of deep sexual intimacy only experienced every so often.

Colby Keller, Gabriel Clark, and Dale Cooper share a chemistry with each other that perfectly illustrates one of these moments. They traverse a Mexican paradise as companions -- boating, swimming, discovering, and collecting memories in the same vein as Whitman. Their understood unity only becomes more powerful as it manifests itself sexually, exploding into a ravenous threesome back on the shore.

Colby and Dale's relationship is already wrought with real emotion and passion, but adding Gabriel to the mix brings that raw intensity to another level. At first, Colby and Gabriel took turns pounding Dale to their liking, but then Gabriel began fucking Colby while he was still inside Dale, and then the two finally double-penetrated Dale. Each moment is sexy in its own unique and glorious way, and not something you'll forget.

Cast: Colby Keller, Dale Cooper, Gabriel Clark

What Members Are Saying

this truly was a thing of beauty -faraday

This is why I am a fan of cockyboys. You push the boundaries of gay adult entertainment. You take your fans and members along on a private journey in which we become an integral part of that journey. We laugh , we cry, we feel real emotion...and of course for us male fans we get off ;). There is no other gay adult site or company that can do what cockyboys does. I am not interested in see twinks at an academy fuckin the teacher, nor the football jock sucking the coach. It boring, it's old and not creative. Cockyboys does porn right. It's not just porn but pure gay adult entertainment. The features like this, project gogo boy and the haunting are special to us fans. We also enjoy our favorite boys just having hot, unadulterated sex!! Even those scenes are done right. Thank you cockyboys. A fan for life. -Jeffrey

Wow, How truly beautiful this series is! The scenery and chemistry between these men is breathtaking. This site surpasses all other sites. Everything is done so well, so beautifully. Sad to see this particular series come to a close. Poetry in motion. -YoSur

I don't think I was prepared for how amazing that scene was. I watched about 20 minutes of it with my mouth agape. Three men who know what they are doing and how to please each other coupled with some of the most passionate kissing I've ever witnessed was just an overload of emotion. There is usually one guy in a scene who stands out or kinda dominates the scene but I didn't find that to be the case here. All of the guys were so present and engaging. I'm going to start babbling so I'll just wrap this up. It was glorious and I've never wanted to be Dale Cooper so badly in my life. Just spinning around on that table...receiving pleasure from two wondrously hot men. Great job to all involved. One happy Cockyboys Fangirl! -mrsdb

This video is by far the best 3 way I've ever seen. The passion is there, and we can feel it irradiating from the three of them. Besides being amazingly beautiful, with the setting, and the sun shining on them, the music in the background, the three men on screen stole the scene as they usually do! I have always been a Gabriel Clark's fan. I have developed an adoration for Colby and Dale, and a major crush on them together, but they still manage to surprise me and take my breath away when they are together in a scene! Now, being together and including Gabe so completely just blew me away! Their kissing, grabbing, the need to have their mouths on each other's skin, fingers kneading muscled bodies, and their sounds... Oh. My. GOD! Their moans, groans and hums may drive you insane! Just try playing it again, closing your eyes for a few seconds! There is this bit, when Gabe gives Colby this look... It's so hard to describe with words what it felt like Gabe was trying to tell Colby with his eyes. Colby gravitated towards Gabe and kissed him so thoroughly I went back and played it againg a few more times! I HAD to! I'm gonna shut up now, before I spoil it for everyone who decides to read this major comment from these three's most enthusiastic fan! Thanks JJ! What a marvelous ride! -DKinney

WONDERFULLY AMAZING scene, as was the whole series! I love Colby, Dale, JD, but especially Gabriel... I am more than a little sad as I write this because he is no longer a CockyBoy! Jake how can this be? -Alann

You outdid yourselves - once again. I think this is my favorite scene of the whole series. Colby, Dale and Gabriel have just...such a amazing chemistry and they're so sexy. All a little more on the "rough" side when it comes to sex and Dale took them both in such a erotic way. It's amazing. Breathtaking. I wished for a CB DP scene for so long and now I got two - heaven haha Also the poetry in the very beginning. Another great choice, fitting so well to the whole theme and the mood of the following scene. Just... amazing! -Noda_Flake

Transcendent. I can only hope other studios are paying attention. -MRSCU

This was a GREAT SERIES and I hope it will continue I loved how the three of them just seem to no what each other wanted and I LOVED how Colby would plow into Dale ass as if in synch with the plowing going on in his own ass !!! I had only wish they had moved onto the bed sooner the FUCKING on the small table really did not work for me !!! -BLACKjackHAMMER

What an ending to such a fabulous series. The passion is in full force with this one. All the kissing and touching, loving and caressing. I'm stunned and have perma-grin. This was a stunning journey... Thank you for bringing us along. -Kristie

That was truly some hot and passionate sex right there!!! And I really loved all the kissing between the three of them! That was a fantastic ending to ATOB! -Mmm...

OMG! What can I say that hasn't already been said before. This was the perfect ending to a perfect series. It was passion as it's very best!!!! I have always been a fan of these three hunky men. I would have loved to jump through the computer screen and join in on the fun. What a fantastic scene!!! The raw sensuality amongst these three pro's is undeniable. You gentlemen certainly have raised the standards by which all other porn is judged. I cannot thank you enough for this wonderful scene/series. I will remain a Cocky Boys fan for life. I wish you continued success. -Bailey

Dear Jake Jaxson Thank you for Cockboys, the site and the people. I love it. I have adored A Thing of Beauty and I’m sad that there are no more episodes to look forward to. Congratulations to EVERYONE involved in making it, it IS a work or art, and kudos to whoever chose the location, which was stunning. You? I appreciated the music and enjoyed that it was consistent in each episode, it gave a sense of familiarity to each one; I knew I was going to love what was coming as I had loved what came before. I had one tiny discordant moment and before I say what it was, I need to qualify. I cannot state strongly enough how much I feel love is love. That love between two (or even three ☺ ) people of the same gender is every bit as valid, beautiful and worthwhile as it is between a male and a female. It is embarrassing to me that I am even stating that, as to me is it blindingly obvious. I would like to see acceptance, tolerance and a celebration of love in all its forms. That acceptance is, however, a multi-laned highway and traffic has to flow in both directions. ‘It only took eight letters to kill the beauty of this moment in time’. Here lies my moment of discord. I could agree with the statement if it had been worded ‘It only took eight letters to kill the truth of this moment in time’. However ‘kill the beauty’ implies that if his encounter had been with a woman it would no longer have been a moment of beauty. I cannot accept that. Heterosexual love and attraction is no less beautiful than homosexual love and attraction. I understand that you are speaking from your point of view, but we all have to understand all viewpoints. There cannot be universal acceptance and ‘normality’ for, for instance, homosexual love by denigrating heterosexual love and attraction. Heterosexuals didn’t choose their sexual orientation any more than those within the LGBT community chose theirs. I hope for universal acceptance that we love who we love, and have to show empathy for all, no matter what our personal orientation is. I adore the poem and it is so very sad that Mr Whitman felt the need to disguise the true nature of the encounter. I ardently wish he had felt able to leave the wording in its original form – referring to a man. ~~ However love is beautiful - period ~~ -cbreiko

I Saw all the 4 parts from your movie. Just Beautiful. Your BEST movie ever. I Hope more movies are coming...... -Xristos

It blow me away, so if you are capable of such a beauty, what does this new film means " answered prayers"? To compare, is the new one, sorry to say that, a big mess. XoXo -MB

Dale has such a beautiful, hairy ass. I can see why both Gabriel and Colby want to devour it. -PB

Now Grabby nominated for Best Group scene of 2013 this is an easy choice for Winner! Rarely in porn have I ever watched such joy and pleasure mixed into all consuming sexual desire. Authors of Erotica fervently hope and dream their frenzied prose might skim the depths of male passion to be found here! Gabriel,Colby and Dale this is the the best possible three-way. -DeWayne in SD

I love it when Dales lets his bathing suit slide down his legs and bends over and spreads his butt so Gabriel can lick it. Totally hot. -Vince

I never thought I'd ever hear myself say "I wish I was Colby Keller" but I just did. I sometimes find myself fast forwarding through parts of scenes (don't look at me like that) but not in this one. Wow. Nicely done, gentlemen. -IamMischief

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