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Pierre Fitch Drills Asher Hawk!

Asher has quickly become one of our favorite Cockyboys so we decided to reward him. And what better way to do that than to let him have sex with his first pornstar-crush - the one and only, Mr. Pierre Fitch. Asher admits that he has been watching Pierre fuck his way to the top ever since he started watching porn and it has always been his dream to get fucked by Pierre.

On the day of the shoot I could tell that Asher was a bit nervous to meet Pierre. They talked a bit about the first time they saw each other in a scene and it was obvious that they both couldn't wait to get started. Asher was eager to give up control and that's just what Pierre had been waiting for all day. Once Pierre's huge cock found its way into Asher's ass, the newbie couldn't stop begging for it. All his nervousness turned into eagerness and the rest is history.


Jake Jaxson

Cast: Asher Hawk, Pierre Fitch

What Members Are Saying

Asher is just such a cutie. -Jeffrey

Asher and Pierre are a great match! Pierre is a great top and Asher a really great bottom. They were made for each other!! Both are hot and hornie and show they love hot sex. A threesome would be nice with Zac. He's a hot newbie!!! -studmuffifn

Sorry, I really can't warm to Pierre. He comes across as quite arrogant, and more into himself than his scene partner. Asher on the other hand is fantastic, very real and a star of the future. Would love to see Asher in a scene with with Bravo Delta, Ricky Roman or Ty Roderick. -Djc

Sorry but I have to agree with Djc, I can't warm to Pierre either, he comes across as rude and arrogant and it was uncomfortable to watch this scene. Asher is so lovoly, but there was just no connection between them, mainly on Pierre's part. Shame because Asher was really good with Jake... -Miss D

I am sorry but I can't help it. I am waiting for someone to say no, when they ask if you like it. I really wish they would stop doing that. To me it kind of takes away from the scene. i really like 90% of your site. I just find it funny. I have never had anyone ask me over and over again if like it. I would probably tell them to shut up and show them what I want. I am sorry it is just my humor. -cockyboys fan

Pierre needs to shut up -Frank12

Asher is amazing! Love seeing him. Now that his fantasy has come true I hope we never have to see Pierre on this site again...he does not fit in with the other guys. He didn't even want to kiss Asher. WTF??? -Hydro

I love Asher but Pierre makes me cringe. -Suzanne Suter

Love me some Asher but so NOT a fan of Pierre! -JusLookin

We all know it's a job, but we just don't want to see it that clearly, Pierre. Awww Asher, you're cute! -wnkr

Pierre Fitch has a very arrogant personality and is certainly a thing of the past. He is full of himself. He obviously has the good connections to stay on with Cockyboys ... Tats and all, he should just retire and try to cling on to reality. -aargauch

Absolutely adore Asher! Looooved him in everything he's done so far. I hate to agree with everyone but I don't like Pierre either. -Sandy

I agree with everyone above. Too much makeup on Pierre, no authenticity. This site has moved beyond what used to be, no need to return to the old days. Keep up the good job Asher! -Danny in LA

Have to disagree about Pierre. Always have found him to be so hot, and still think he's a total stud. Totally agree about Asher, he's just incredible! -Tommy

Sorry Asher not even for you would I watch this video ( started it and clicked right to the end just so I could comment ) I CANNOT , CANNOT STOMACH Pierre Fitch PERIOD !!! -BLACKjackHAMMER

Sorry Asher not even for you would I watch this video ( started it and clicked right to the end just so I could comment ) I CANNOT , CANNOT STOMACH Pierre Fitch PERIOD !!! -BLACKjackHAMMER

So sorry for Asher... He is so cute and great and he wanted so much to please Pierre (His Crush!) and Pierre is such an ass.....e. So crude and arrogant! I understand why Jake make this face when Asher tells this reporter (see Interwew on Cockybeast) his crush for Pierre! Please Asher deserves better than Pierre, realy... He is such a great bottom, pair him with Colby or with Gabe, but please forget Pierre! -nice69

I had to stop watching this. I felt so sorry for Asher. Pierre looks like the guy from Rocky Horror Picture Show. Just so creepy. I'm going to gouge my eyes out now. -kiddykat75

I was so excited that there was another Asher video I gleefully started watching, then felt my cock deflate when I saw The Terrible Fitch. I'm sorry, but if someone tells you they've had a crush on you for years and you've got as much porn experience as The Terrible Fitch, you could put in at least a modicum of effort. What he did was just lacklustre and disrespectful, and not even in the dirty, dominating way that Asher had wanted. I hope Asher hasn't had his spirit broken by that boner killer scene partner. What a disappointing end to a crush! Asher, it wasn't you, we still love you, and hope you'll be in another scene soon! -Chris


Disaster. Asher was so much hotter with Jake. It's a matter of preference,sure, but I can't watch Pierre Fitch. He comes off very fake on screen. We know they're getting paid for this and it's their job, but he really made it seem like work. No authenticity and too many cheesy lines. Ick. I hope Asher wasn't completely disappointed after having a crush for so many years. -Hsinboyd


I LOVE this scene. These guys work so well together. Both are sexy, especially Pierre, he is so so sexy!!! Everything about him is just sexy, I think he is one of the sexiest men on earth. Cute face, hot bod and I just love the verbal he gives during the scene. Pierre you are the best!!!! x -Gareth

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