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Cockyboys movies are encoded in FLASH, and play using a custom built state of the art Flash Player Window. In order to play them, you must use Adobe Flash Payer version 9 or higher (it is recommended that you use the latest version). As long as you have the current version of Flash, our movies ARE FULLY PC AND MAC COMPATIBLE.

To view Movies in FULL SCREEN, simply click the Full Screen Square button to the left of the volume control in our Flash Player.


My movies are streamed. When you stream a movie, video data is sent over the Internet in such a way that you can view it (almost) immediately, without waiting for the entire file to download. However, depending upon the bandwidth of your connection, disruption may occur.

In order to stream a movie, simply click one of the movie images in the MOVIES section of the site. After a short buffering period, the movie will begin to play. Movies are available for streaming in three different speeds: 1000K (best for DSL), 1500K (best for lower speed cable connections), and 3000K (best for higher speed cable connections, T1 connections and other high-speed connections). If you are experiencing a lot of buffering delays, your Internet connection may not be fast enough to accommodate the file speed you have chosen. In that case, you should select a slower speed on the bottom of the movie.

The iPhone and iPad buttons are also located at the bottom of the movie window. If you find that your Internet connection is not fast enough to stream (any Dial-Up for sure) you can download the movie by clicking any of the formats under Full Movie Download.

WebTV, and Linux

Unfortunately, at this time there is no support for WebTV or Linux systems.





Your membership is paid via a credit card of your choice, and processed through or Segpay/Epoch provides safe, secure, and discreet billing. Segpay/Epoch has been a trusted E-Merchant for over 10 years, processing millions of online transactions each year and earning its reputation as a leader in the industry. All transactions are secure and they offer a state of the art customer support. Their website supports Secure Socket Layer (SSL), the Internet encryption standard. This allows for convenient and safe online transactions.



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Segpay Customers:

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*We understand all these merchant processor options may be confusing. If you are unsure which merchant processor you've signed up through, or if you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact customer service by clicking here.



If you have a problem that you cannot resolve, send an e-mail to visit our Contact Us page. Please make sure that you include the following:

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